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Debt Consolidation

Debt Consolidation does not eliminate the debt, but does just what the name implies. Relief through Debt Consolidation is received by replacing the various creditors owed payments each month, with one creditor who gets one monthly payment. No bankruptcy is required when choosing Debt Consolidation to resolve your debt. Normally debt consolidation is done through a mortgage loan, but if your credit is still good, you may qualify for a consumer loan to consolidate all your debt.

Consolidate Your Debt

Keep in mind, there are different reasons why one debt consolidation loan type may be better for you than other types of consolidation loans. Some want a better interest rate; A mortgage refinance debt consolidation loan offers lower interest rates for most compared to a consumer loan. Some debtors want the backup plan of filing bankruptcy if they cannot make the monthly payments as agreed. In that case, a personal debt consolidation, or consumer loan, will not use your home as collateral and is preferable to a mortgage loan. The interest is generally higher on a consumer loan than on a home mortgage loan, because there is no or little collateral to reduce the risk of default.

Still, both types of debt consolidation loans allow you to reduce your monthly outflow of cash when you combine the payments into one monthly payment. With one reduced payment , you can regain financial stability, so you can plan and budget for the future. Your situation is unique. Talk to a professional debt counselor to learn which unique options make sense for you. Fill out the form and choose how you prefer to be contacted.

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