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How Debt Reduction Can Save Thousands of Dollars and Years of Stress

Debt Reduction

The Bills are piling up! Tanya did not realize how many of those smaller charges added up. How will she pay it all down again. There goes the Vacation she really needs!

Sound familiar? Take a deep breath. There is more than one path to debt relief. Debt Reduction may be your key to a good night’s rest once again. Talk to our experienced debt counselors. We can help you analyze what you owe compared to what you earn, and determine a solid course of action.

What is Debt Reduction? Debt Reduction is a program combining Debt Management program (using software) Credit counseling and Debt Settlement to achieve your goal of minimizing or eliminating your debt. Debt reductions programs do not yield immediate or overnight results like many people think. However, if you stay the course, you will not only minimize and eventually eliminate your debt, but learn how to control your debt level and live with less stress than when you constantly juggled your debt overload.

What are the steps to reducing debt? 

Debt Reduction may be customized for each person attempting the program, but there are some general tips that everyone in a debt reduction program should follow:

Recognize the problem: This time when Tanya looked at her bills, she wrote out a spread sheet of the balances, interest rate and monthly payments. For Tanya, debt consolidation or a second mortgage wasn’t an option because she had damaged credit and lenders did not want to offer a loan to someone with late payments. Tanya doesn’t realize it, but she hast taken the first large step: She recognizes she has a debt problem and needs a debt relief professional. Talking to a professional can help walk Tanya through the process of figuring which bills she has, what are her goals and priorities, and the best way to attack her mountain of debt.

Create a budget. Tanya filled out a financial worksheet that painted the picture of her Housing debts, her fixed consumer debts and the variable debts like credit cards. Tanya and her debt counselor were able to see the total outstanding debt, the cost of the debt (interest and late fees) as well as the monthly payments on that debt. There were a few debts that had high monthly payments with a low outstanding balance. Tanya did not want to pay those off first because they also had a low rate of interest, but finally realized her budget would make more sense if she paid those off first and then doubled up on payments to the higher balance, higher rate of interest debt. Sometimes it makes more sense to handle it another way, but regardless, Tanya and her debt counselor, using the debt reduction program were able to lay out a plan of action that included a realistic budget. The budget set aside a little money each month for emergencies, and other funds to settle certain debts, but otherwise chipped away at the tower of debt in big chunks. emergencies, and other funds to settle certain debts, but otherwise chipped away at the tower of debt in big chunks. 

Stop producing new debt. This step is hard to follow for most struggling with debt, but it is so important. It does not mean you cannot shop, but shopping is not the main activity. Look at your priorities. Type them up if it helps to see them clearly. Find a hobby other spending money for new things. Only shop when and as your budget allows. Note: “Retail therapy” is not a good way to deal with debt stress since it adds more debt to stress over. 

Steps To Reducing Debt Cont.

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Paying down your existing debt. If you are paying the minimum payment, it can be a long time before the debt is paid off. If you are paying the minimum payment on a credit card but charging on that card as well, the debt is not only being reduced, but is actually growing. Under a debt reduction program, negotiators can work out reduced balances with a payment plan that delivers freedom from the debt. Because larger debt loads take longer to pay, you may consider paying off smaller balances first, then apply the monthly payment difference to another debt. Some focus on putting the most money towards the debt with the highest interest rate. Either way, it is important to focus on the goal, and stay the course. Remind yourself along the way, that not spending is actually freeing you up to enjoy what you have. Google free activities and use them as rewards when you hit smaller goal along the way.

All of these Debt Reduction approaches can work, when you take the time to make a plan. Each Debt Reduction step with be more effective, with assistance from our professionals with proven programs.

Those are the steps to credit card debt relief, but you will want details. Click, chat or call us for more information. We will need to review your credit card debt s with you, so grab a copy of your recent statements and let’s talk. Life is too short to spend it worried about how to cover the costs.

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