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Debt Relief Zone Professionals are Here to Help you Follow the Path to Debt Relief

Debt Relief liberates you from your debt, allowing you to move forward in your life goals, without the burden of full amount of debt you accumulated. Debt Relief Zone professionals are experienced in creditor negotiations. Talk to us with no obligation to find out how our negotiators work on your creditors to reduce your debt to affordable settlement amounts for less money and in less time than other debt programs.

Steps To Debt Relief

The steps are straightforward.

  1. Create and grow your own fund. Each month you will make a deposit into a savings account that YOU CONTROL. Our Debt Relief Professionals help you create the customized plan to settle your debts from the account. You are empowered once you know the plan and have the help you need.
  1. Once the funds are in your account, a DRZ Professional negotiates with your creditors to settle your debts for substantially less than the balance owed. The Negotiation stage is very important, as it affects the total amount it will take to settle the account and the time to achieve debt relief.
  1. Settle the accounts- paying at a discount. Once your DRZ pro negotiates the reduced payoff, you can pay and close out that account at a bargain price! Your Debt Relief Professional will contact you each time a settlement is reached, for your approval and authorization before finalizing the settlement.
    1. Once the account is settled, you no longer owe that creditor. Once each debt is handled this way, your debt is a thing of the past. You have the fresh start you deserve and for a lot less than you would have paid with no settlement!

Debt Relief Can Be Simple

It really is that straight. Fill out the simple online form. No obligation and you don’t pay a cent until your debt is settled. Talk to one of our debt relief professionals today to get the real scoop on how to dump your debt and finally live free of overwhelming financial stress.

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3. Free Consultation

Let our professionals design a custom plan for your situation. Then start working on your plan to resolve your debt problems.

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