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What is Debt Settlement and How it Can Give You the Debt Relief You Need

What debt settlement is and how it works. Paying a reduced, negotiated lump sum to settle or close out a debt is called debt settlement. This approach can be beneficial to debtors who owe more than they can afford to pay. Once the debts are in default, and creditors have to spend time and money to make collection attempts, they may be more willing to negotiate with you or a representative of yours in order to close out the account and collect what they can.

The process can happen quickly or take months to negotiate, but in order to complete the process, you need to have funds set aside to pay when the payoff is agreed upon. That is why so many benefit by working with one of our Debt Relief Professional firms, making monthly payments into your own savings account, while your creditors have been notified that you are represented. 

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The debt is eliminated through this process, but your credit will reflect months of missed payments while you were paying into the savings account to have enough money for the settlement. You still come out ahead, because you saved money by settling the debt for a lower amount than owed, and the debt is paid. Your credit heals over time once the debt is paid, and you can move forward. If you have several of these accounts, it will take longer to work out the settlements and eliminate the debt, but for those who are already behind on payments, and either do not want to file or cannot file for bankruptcy protection, debt settlement finally turns on the light at the end of the tunnel.

Talk to us for an upfront, honest answers to how this process works and what to expect along the way. There are instances where payments can be made on a negotiated amount, and our Debt Relief Professional counselors are experienced at obtaining this option when possible. It means getting to the Debt Relief Zone faster! Fill out our form for free information on how debt settlement can benefit you!

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