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Owing on back taxes is frightening. The IRS and your state can levy liens against your home, wages, and even your bank accounts, leaving you broke, spinning from nsf’s due to the missing funds or unable to pay your other obligations. Credit can get cancelled, some jobs are no longer available to you and your credit will be damaged. Do not ignore Tax Debt or try to hide from it. There are steps you can take to resolve the debt, and help is available.

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1st. Know that you should never ignore notices from the IRS or from your state or local tax agency. Compare the statements or demands for money to what your records show you owe. If you believe you do owe the money but cannot pay it in full, there are ways to negotiate a plan.

2nd. Get Help. The IRS registers Enrolled Agents who can negotiate with the IRS on your behalf. Those agents know what forms and supporting documentation are necessary for those negotiations, because they have the experience. Enrolled Agents know the process, the terminology, the time frame and the documentation. Because the agents are objective, they know not to grow angry when speaking with the IRS. Yes, you can do this yourself, but do you want to risk everything? Fill out the form today to speak with an Enrolled Agent and protect yourself.

3rd. Once you reach an agreement with your tax agency, stick to its terms. You can make a situation that was improving, much, much worse if you violate the promise you make to your tax agency, whether it is the IRS, your state or your local tax agency. If a true emergency prevents you from adhering to your structured repayment plan, contact your tax representative immediately to explain the issue and when you are able to resume payments. Be prepared for additional fees and interest to be applied.

4th. If you do negotiate with your tax entity yourself, keep a log of every communication with any party involved in the discussion of your tax debt.

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